Wednesday, May 15, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Christine Vachon, Cargo Team for London Town with Daniel Huttlestone

By Liza Foreman

Cargo Entertainment (The Angriest Man in Brooklyn) has added London Town to its Cannes slate.

The film will be produced by Christine Vachon and Sofia Sondervan.

The cast for the package being presented in Cannes, includes Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Liv Tyler and Daniel Huttlestone.

Huttlestone played the role of Gavroche in Les Miserables.

The film is set in England in 1978 as unemployment hits a high. 14-year-old Shay Baker (Huttlestone) has a hard time, as his family tries to stay afloat and his father (Rhys Myers) works two jobs.

One day, Shay’s estranged mother sends him a cassette of music from London and he is captivated by the band The Clash.

The music and a young punk woman helps him keep going.

The coming-of-age/adventure will be directed by Derrick Borte.

Borte’s previous credits include The Joneses.

Sondervan’s credits include Cadillac Records and Feel The Noise.

Vachon’s past films include Velvet Goldmine and Kill Your Darlings.

Based in New York, Cargo Entertainment was founded in 2011 by Marina Grasic, Jan Korbelin and Mark Lindsay.

It is a worldwide sales, financing, production and distribution company.

Other films on their Cannes’ slate include the drama/thriller Free Ride with Anna Paquin; The Angriest Man in Brooklyn with Robin Williams; Attachment with Sharon Stone; Zipper with Patrick Wilson; Cell with John Cusak; and Kings Highway with Adrien Brody.

This story appeared in print in the Cannes Market News on May 15

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