Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Golden Bear Winner 'Child's Pose' Sales Hit for Beta

By Liza Foreman

Beta Cinema’s Golden Bear-winner "Child's Pose" has proven a hit with buyers from around the world at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. 

The Romanian family drama by Calin Peter Netzer, which was honored as best film, will be released in theaters in France by Sophie Dulac Distribution, in Italy by Teodora and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by X-Verleih. 

Also inked were contracts with distributors from the Benelux (Contact Films), Greece (Seven Films), Serbia/Montenegro (Discovery Film and Video Distribution), Australia/New Zealand (Palace Films) and Taiwan (Swallow Wings). Final negotiations all over the world are under way including the U.S. and Great Britain.

Another sales hit in the Beta Cinema line-up is Jan Ole Gerster’s German tragicomedy "Oh Boy," which went to France (Diaphana), Italy (Academy Two), Benelux (ABC-Cinemien), Greece (Strada Films), Australia/New Zealand (Madman) and Taiwan (Fast Forward). The German-Norwegian thriller-drama "Two Lives" starring Juliane Köhler and Liv Ullmann was sold to France (Sophie Dulac Distribution) and Israel (Nachshon Films); Til Schweiger’s comedy sequel "Kokowaah 2" will be distributed in Taiwan by Swallow Wings. Academy Award nominee Marc Rothemund’s new film, "The Girl With Nine Wings," was acquired by Turkey (D Productions) and South Korea (First Run).

Further pre-sales were registered for Philipp Stoelzl‘s lavish screen adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Physician," starring Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgard and Tom Payne. The visually breathtaking adventure epic added Romania and Hungary (Prorom) to its list of pre-sales that comprises all of Eastern Europe. Previously announced deals in these territories include Russia (Luxor), Czech Republic/Slovakia (Bonton), Croatia/Slovenia/Bosnia-Herzegovina (Blitz) and Poland (Monolith).

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